Mission Statement

Our mission is to market high quality uniquely flavored blends of tea and fruit/herbal tisanes. We have the best tea blends in the Florida panhandle!


History of the Company

Erica Mitchell founded the Baron’s Tea House in 2009, in Crestview, FL, where tea was served for six years.  In May 2015 she created BaronsTea.com to focus on retailing the BaronsTea.com tea brand.  She has an educational background in biology and chemistry, and has worked in non-profit, profit and the government sectors in the field of environmental science before entering the tea business.  It was after a work trip to Japan in 2003 where Teets fell in love with the Japanese culture and tea.

About the name

Baron's Tea is named after a character named Baron Humbert von Gikkingen in Japanese based anime movies called “Whisper of the Heart” and “The Cat Returns”.  Both are Studio Ghibli films created by Hayao Miyazaki.  In “Whisper of the Heart”, a cat statuette called “The Baron” is found in an antique shop by a young Japanese girl.  The girl falls in love with the grandson of the antique shop owner, a violinist who is learning to make violins to follow his dream as a master luthier.  The young girl follows her dream to become a writer by concocting a fantasy story of the Baron as her male hero.  The spin-off of this film, “The Cat Returns”, plays out the young girl’s fantasy story of the Baron.  In “The Cat Returns”, the young girl discovers her true self and returns to her world with more confidence in herself.